I’m going to have start calling this day “Fuck me Friday” because for the third week in a row me giving a blowjob turned into me getting fucked. When guys see my booty they want to plow my ass. Being a sissy I can’t say no so I end up with cock up my ass.


It would not matter. It’s not what’s between your legs that makes you a sissy. It’s what’s between your ears.


Works for this black sissy


I put an ad on Craigslist inviting guys who wanted their cocks sucked by a sissy to come to my place. The first guy was ready for a blowjob until he saw my big black booty. Next thing I knew my phat ass was taking a pounding.


I don’t really want to take it up the ass tonight. I just want to suck cock. But if he insists I can’t refuse him.



It feels so good to cum when a guy has his dick deep up your ass.

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Absolutely beautiful you

Stunning dress!

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Looks like my life


important moments in the life of this sissy: wig buying


I was living in Los Angeles at the time. I was living alone for the first time in my life and was now in a situation where I might let the girl inside have an item or two. So I began to purchase items to express my feminine side and soon found myself wanting to experiment with wigs.

I knew I would have to find a wig that worked for me as a black sissy. I had some ideas of what I wanted but how to get what I wanted was the question. 

It just happened that a new wig shop had opened close to my house. Being in a black neighborhood it clearly catered to black women. I saw wigs in the window that caught my fancy. So I picked a time when I felt the store would not be very busy and got up my courage and went in.

I must have looked an odd sight: a young black man walking into a wig shop. The store owner, who happened to be a very nice Korean woman, met me and I told her I was looking for a gift for my girlfriend. OK so that was a lie. She let me look around and after a while I found a wig I liked.

I asked her the price so she took it down and told me. She gave me a closer look at the wig and told me about it. She told me about the construction of the wig and the type of hair it was made of. I was sold. i could hardly wait to get home with it.

And then she said, with no change of facial expression, “You try on?” I was shocked and repeated that it was for my girlfriend not me. She simply smiled and said again, “You try on?”

I don’t know if she didn’t understand me when I said it was for my girlfriend or if she somehow knew that she was dealing with a fledgling sissy. I hesitated for a moment. i didn’t know what to do. She however pressed on. “Come,” she said and led me to a private corner of the shop.

For the next 45 minutes she helped me try on several wigs. She offered her opinion and we fell in with other. She taught me about texture and color and blending and styling and how to frame my face and care for hair. She taught and i learned. I became a regular customer and we became friends.

It was an important step for me. Not only did I gain an ally but I found a teacher. It was one more step along the road that would eventually lead me right out of the closet.